The official and public roadmap stated by Playbase.GG's strategic and business development as an Esports 3.0 platform product.


Playbase.GG announces the development of the Esports 3.0 platform in partnership with Concordium to bring a new level of trust in stakeholders provided by Concordium's ID layer and powered by an Esports technology-brewed industry veteran, Ragebite.

30th of September 2022

Playbase.GG to release an Esports 3.0 platform to provide gamers with an immersive experience while playing various types of tournaments. Where gamers can own their experience and take part in a real earn-to-play ecosystem while being ensured that all layers are trustworthy.

COMING Q1 2023

Opening up another vital segment from our Esports technology - The Meta Hub! Where organizers can deploy an Esports ecosystem further allowing them to create their community, run tournaments, and get connected to commercial partners.

COMING Q2 2023